Monday, October 9, 2017


I, as much as anybody else, have had my fair share of screw-ups and embarrassments. 

  • CC'ing the wrong person in an email.
  • Walking around with a piece of tissue stuck to your face unnoticed.
  • Accidentally driving your car the opposite direction down a one way street, realizing it is a one way street, and causing a temporary mini traffic jam as you try to reverse your way out while furiously cursing your dim-wittedness.
  • Doing your makeup under inadequate lighting and leaving the house looking like a clown.
  • Mistakenly greeting someone thinking they were your friend but actually not.
  • Stepping into the wrong Uber.

Ad infinitum. 

These are all completely normal.


What intrigues me is that the feeling of humiliation and discomfort at something which was a minor blip and easily laughed off, tends to linger and has an annoying way of resurfacing and making me cringe even after it has been left well in the past.

At times like these, I sternly repeat this phrase to myself 

" Nobody cares. "

Full stop.

Nobody particularly cares that you wore mismatched socks, nobody cares that your fly is unzipped, nobody cares that you accidentally said that thing at that time, nobody cares that you tripped at that place, nobody cares that you forgot about whatever.

People are too wrapped up in their own concerns, their own set of urgencies and priorities and appointments that really, nobody cares about your trivial series of worries or hiccups. 

So the next time you stop to worry about what people are thinking of you, remember -

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