Wednesday, July 12, 2017


I haven't been here for a while.

Life is good. 

Over the weekend, I went over to my best friend's place to fiddle around with manuals and bolts and screws to help her set up more furniture (which I had helped her purchase and lug home from IKEA).

We went to the pool to hang out after that, and she told me about the sky garden.

" You have a sky garden? "
" Yeah! Haven't I ever taken you? "

So we went to the sky garden and watched the sun set from there while just talking about deep life stuff. 

" Isn't it funny.. I still feel like I'm a kid but when you think about it, there are peers our age who already have kids. "

And I do really mean it. I still feel like a kid - and how is it that we're already expected to get married and settle down and get promoted and upgrade the car and have kids and renovate the kitchen and change the diapers and paint the fence and look for a kindy and and and

When there are so many books to read, people to meet, places to discover, weekends to laze, trails to hike, mountains to conquer, countries to traverse, adventures to explore and and and


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