Monday, March 13, 2017


Every day, we are bombarded with messages to influence our decision-making process and actions. 

Though they may seem trivially innocuous to the layman on the street, here are some of the things I see from a marketeer's perspective.


Outdoor Advertising

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Tuktuks are essentially a cart attached to a motorbike - a common form of cheap and effective transportation in Southeast Asia (no tuk tuks in Kuala Lumpur though).

Over the past few years on my usual jaunts around the region, I've observed it is getting more and more common for brands to advertise on tuktuks.

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When I see this as a marketeer, thoughts which immediately resonate are

  • Who do I go through to activate this campaign - is there some sort of tuk tuk union / association whom I can liaise with to roll out on the ground and pass activation materials? 
  • How much does this advertising cost? How much of it goes to the tuk tuk drivers? I'd hope that they benefit in some manner from working with me.
  • Who am I talking to - who is my customer demographic? What is their income range / household income, where they live, what are their lifestyle preferences.
  • What sort of brands would be a good fit for this manner of advertising? I'd think this suits brands who are in the budget to midrange segment ; I can't see Chanel, Panerai, or Maserati jumping on board tuk tuk advertising train.


Online Advertising

Searching for 'food delivery' on Google brings a plethora of results to the surface.

What a regular person sees 

" Generic result, generic result, etc etc... Hmm, what should I eat? "

What a marketeer sees and thinks :

" Paid ad, paid ad, paid ad, etc " 

  • How much did they bid to get that ranking? 
  • What is their cost per impression? (Impression = number of times the ad is shown when the particular keyword is searched)
  • What is their cost per click? 
  • What is their click through rate? (Click through rate = [number of people who clicked on the ad] VS [number of people who saw the ad] x 100)
  • Is their service / product up to par? 
  • What would be their site / result ranking if they weren't paying for advertising?

" Not ad, not ad, etc "

  • Unpaid 
  • Authentic ranking 
  • Likely to have lots of current traffic on this site
  • Pretty high up on the first page, which means a lot of people are searching for this specific keyword
  • They probably provide quality service / products


Anyway, these are just some of my daily musings as a marketeer and I merely wanted to pen them down. 

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