Tuesday, September 6, 2016


As of 1st September 2016, the immigration office of Malaysia revived their online passport renewal services.

(They used to have this service for a brief while in 2014. However after only a couple of months of being in place, it was discontinued for goodness knows what reasons.)

The premise is that you can fill in all your necessary information required for a passport, then pick it up at any of the valid collection points. This is to bypass the lengthy duration of queuing and waiting which is so synonymous with conventional passport renewal.

This is an account of my experience with the Malaysian online passport renewal system, as well as a review of the service at UTC Kuala Lumpur.

Part 1: Malaysia Passport Online Renewal

On 2nd September 2016, I decided to apply for my Malaysian passport renewal online.

You can do so here:

As this system is still in the test phase, passport collection can only be done at selected branches. I opted for UTC KL (the one in Pudu Sentral).

You will be required to digitally upload a passport sized photo as per the following guidelines

After that, you will have to fill in the mandatory typical information i.e. date of birth, expiry date of current passport, etc.

This process is then followed by online payment. I paid Rm200 for a passport with 5-year validity.

It was very seamless and I completed it in less than 10 minutes.
Upon clicking 'submit', a message popped out right away

" Tahniah! Anda adalah calon PERTAMA untuk applikasi myonline passport di UTC KL! "
Well gee, thanks I guess?

I immediately went back to the main page to check on the status of my passport. It stated that I could collect my passport within 1 hour. 

Really? Knowing how our government departments are run, I took this information with a big pinch of salt. Whether it would be ready within an hour or not, it wouldn't have been possible for me to collect it so promptly anyway.


Part 2: UTC Kuala Lumpur (Pudu Sentral) Service

I gave it 3 days before I called in to ask if my passport was ready. The person on the other end of the line told me that my image uploaded did not adhere to the requirements so I had to come in to have my photo taken. 

UTC Kuala Lumpur operates from Monday to Sunday, 8.30am - 9.30pm.

I made the assumption that meant I would be able to walk-in during those hours, but the officer informed that since I applied online I could only come between Monday to Friday from 9am - 5pm. How inconvenient!

I tried to argue my logic that since their operation hours are Monday to Sunday from 8.30am - 9.30pm, why should I be bound to Monday to Friday from 9am - 5pm for collection?

All I could get in response was 
" Sorry miss, system macamtu means macamtu miss. I tak boleh buat ape je. "

" Sorry miss, it's the system miss. It's nothing to do with me. " )

I fumed at this, but in the end decided not to risk anything going wrong and comply.

I went to UTC KL in Pudu and found a parking spot with ease. Parking rates are RM4 for the first hour and RM3 every subsequent hour.

Arriving at the immigration office, I immediately got a number upon walk-in at 11.15am. I asked roughly how long I would have to wait and the staff told me that since I applied online, I was a 'special case' and would be attended to very soon. 

True enough, it was my turn in less than 10 minutes. I had my picture taken at the counter and the officer informed me that I would have my passport ready in about an hour.

I took a seat while waiting and started chatting to a lady next to me, who informed me that she had arrived at 7am to queue before the office opened. She finally received her passport at 12.45pm with a 6-hour wait time.

On the other hand, I got mine at 1.05pm, less than 2 hours after I'd arrived.


My major conclusions from the whole experience?

On online passport renewal: 
While the online passport renewal system has still to be improved on, I would say it probably wasn't the worst.

On the service at UTC KL:
UTC should allow online applicants to collect their passport within regular operating hours.


  1. Hi Cherish! Thank you for posting this review. Not many have done it since it's relatively new so your blog post is heaven sent. Just wondering, did the people at UTC ever tell you what went wrong with your submitted passport photo? Did you take yours with a professional photographer? Thanks in advance !

    1. Hi Melanie, thanks for visiting. They require your photo to be taken by a professional photo studio - I uploaded one which was taken myself. Hope this helps.

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