Friday, August 5, 2016


Unrequited love is an alluringly destructive thing.

Songs, novels, and movies champion and glorify it.
It is depicted as passionate, strong, noble, and brave.

But it is not.

Telling someone that they have and will always hold your heart, no matter how disinterested they are, how they treat you, or how little they care about you,

Is dangerous, irresponsible, foolish, and tragic. 

No matter how strongly you feel about someone or how much you do for them, they do not owe it to you to return the same.

It does no good to shrivel up at someone's feet and plead

   " I won't let go of you. "
   " I still have faith in us. "
   " I can't let you leave me. "

When they did not ask you to make your emotional well-being, happiness, and priorities dependent on them.
They are not obliged to reciprocate their affection, presence, time, resources.

Them not returning your love does not make them a bad person, selfish, or heartless. 

Maybe you have forgotten that they are as human any other - maybe a bit unsure, uncertain, needing time and space to focus on finding their own footing and self-assurance before they are capable of being with anyone else.

Sometimes the most compassionately loving thing you can do for yourself and for them is to let go, sincerely wish them well, then set out to live your life - and never look back.

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