Thursday, July 14, 2016


   Learn to walk and you'll definitely have a few falls. It's the same with living your life. Go ahead, fall, get hurt, take a break if you must.  But never stay down, never stop trying, and never stop moving forward.

   You must not allow external circumstances over which you have no control affect your internal being. You can't do anything about it, and the sooner you wrap your head around it and move on the better. 

   Keep moving forward. There are better things ahead than you could ever imagine than the ones you leave behind.

   No one can help you with this or through this. This is something you must do by yourself and for yourself. 

   There is nothing that time, space, and productivity will not heal. 

And lastly,

   This is only a fleeting moment, a mere blip on the immense incredible story that is your entire life. 

   You were okay before this. You will be okay after this.

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