Saturday, November 7, 2015


It had been my first visit to a beauty salon.

Always under the reasoning that manicures & pedicures were too frivolous for my sensible budget and were not a necessary component of basic grooming anyway, I'd steered clear of them until I saw a Groupon deal for cheap. 

The package included 
- a hand and foot spa 
- nail trimming and shaping 
- a gel mani pedi 

I'd enjoyed having my hands and feet pampered, massaged, and moisturized by my beautician. After she'd trimmed and shaped my nails, it was then time for me to choose my polish colours.

I was sitting at the counter pondering over the dizzying array of hues available, when they came in.

Clad in a polo tee and cutoff bermudas, he had a strong stocky build, a heavy moustache and stubborn jaw with a cleft in his chin.

Wearing a too-big cotton shirt and jeans practically falling off her tiny waist, she had long hair and walked with a stoop.

She clung onto his arm as he strode forward and demanded to speak to the owner of the salon. 

He then loudly asked to see their list of hair and makeup services.

I curiously watched him flick through pictures of the hairstyles available ; sleek ponytails, teased curls, polished buns, mermaid braids.

He then proceeded to browse through makeup ; crimson lips, seductively lined eyes, darkened brows, rouged cheeks.

All the while commenting smugly on which were 'garbage' and which were 'hot'.

He barked at the owner and his index finger stabbed at the page
   " This? This one? You can make she look like it? "

The owner of the salon responded
   " Yes sir, our services provided are professional and fully.. "

She was rudely cut off
   " Ok good! Make sure you turn her like into the picture. Or I not pay. "

The salon owner shut her mouth and nodded. 

The man said
   " I come back later. You take her and go. "

He then turned away, but not without throwing this parting line
   " You better make her beautiful. Or she not coming home. "

My observation swayed to the slight small frame sitting hunched by his side, her gaze timidly downcast, silent all the while.

Throughout the whole dialogue, she had not uttered a single word or indicated any preference on the matter.

Glassy eyed and listless, she shuffled her feet behind the assigned beautician to begin her transformation into a creature the man would find desirable. 


   I wonder if he loves her, or she him.


Re: my bubblegum coloured nails post-salon visit.

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