Sunday, August 23, 2015


I have a number of mentors, people more mature and accomplished than me whom I look up to and admire. Once every couple of months, we share a meal as well as reflections of our lives.

I met her on Monday. 

We talked about keeping your passion, curiosity, finding joy in life every day amidst responsibilities and commitments that come as part and parcel of growing up.

   " Some people get so caught up in humdrum monotonous routine that they begin to operate on autopilot, morph into mechanical robots. They cease to get excited, forget their passions, dull their curiosity and energy, let go of the dreams of their youth. They stop being alive. 

   " My dear girl, you are vivacious, filled with intrigue, feisty with zeal, brimming with vibrant enthusiasm, relentlessly chasing your goals, full of life. Never lose that. " 

   " I won't. "

   " Remember this; the trick is to grow up without growing old. "

   " I will always be silly with you. "

She gushed enthusiastically as she clasped my hands tightly and nuzzled my cheek fondly before we parted ways.

I met her on Thursday.

We talked about the current state of economic affairs, our financial situation, the governing powers of the country.

She urged me to leave Malaysia.

   " Go away? But where? How? What will I do? "

I asked.

   " This is for your greater good. There will always be opportunities. All you have to do is recognize them and act. " 

She said softly with the gentle demeanour which was so becoming of her. Yet as we sat together, there was no mistaking the steely conviction I saw in her eyes.

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