Wednesday, February 4, 2015


I was hanging out with a couple of others at our hostel's rooftop bar when one of them produced a bag, started grinding up the substance, and rolled a joint. It went round and lasted our group quite a fair while. 

He'd been very generous ; it was packed full and a length at that. 

A short time later, I was feeling slow, stupid, and thick-tongued. My brain was foggy and my speech was slurring. I was also very thirsty, hungry, and sleepy.

Excusing myself from the group, I fixed myself a bowl of cereal, drank a few bottles of water, and crawled into bed. 

Despite the reverberating music coming from above, I fell into a deep peaceful slumber that I swear rivalled Sleeping Beauty's centurial lull and woke up amazingly perky and refreshed.

Nevertheless - don't do weed.

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