Thursday, January 8, 2015


   " Congratulations! Your article has been published. "

Automatically, I click and read. I pore for ages, squirm with discomfort every time I inevitably come across some wretched error which somehow managed to dodge my editing eye. However slight, they make me ball my fists in frustration at my own carelessness and lack of flair. My words read clumsily, the sentences appear disjointed. 

   " That was such a great read. Well done! " 

Others warmly gush. I have no doubt of their sincerity, but the words ring hollow to me. Astonishingly, they do not even seem aware of the flaws which I see in all their glaring magnitude.

However 'good' I was deemed, I am never good enough.

I could have done better. I could always have done better.


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