Friday, April 18, 2014


   " You're putting it on. "

   " No one is that nice. "

   " How can you stay so happy? "

   " You can drop the act with me. "

   " You must be hiding something. What is it? "

   " It's okay to cry you know. "

   " You're in denial. "

   " Too good to be true. "

   " Where does all your positive come from? "

   " Don't pretend to be alright. "

   " Come on, pour your heart out! I'm here for you. "


I have NO FREAKING IDEA where these perplexedly astonishing notions come from. How is it so difficult to get how this works?

There is no 'trick question', 'magic formula' nor 'gameshow answer'. This is breathtaking beauty in pure simplicity ; there is no need to muddle around and muck things up. 

Let me help to lay it down - you better take my damn word for it that this is no 'act' nor 'pretense'. This is the real deal, uncut and uncensored.


    Happiness is a choice.

And this is the choice I commit, every single day.


Thursday, April 3, 2014


Sitting by the lake in Putrajaya

Me: People should stop focusing on WEIGHT loss and focus instead on FAT loss. If weight was all someone purely cared about they could just take a really epic huge dump and see instant results.
Him: ...

Me: They could also catch a stomach bug, get diarrhea, or throw up from food poisoning and drop a couple of pounds but still be just as fat.
Him: That's... interesting.


Grocery shopping in the deli section

Him: Should I get lamb, beef, or chicken?
Me: Well they're all protein when it comes to macros so basically they're all like the same thing anyway.
Him: Gee thanks, that was really helpful.

We ended up getting steak.