Saturday, December 13, 2014


Over the past few days, certain questions have been on repeat in my head. 

   Do I really know what I want out of life at all?

There are some beliefs I held dear in the past, which I now consider to be of lesser importance, irrelevant even. I believe everyone can identify - losing interest in a hobby, getting bored with a routine, falling out of love with a person, etc. 

While some people may say it is fickle or unprincipled to chuck them, I think that there is no loss in receiving different insights, evaluating and weighing them up to your own, and developing new ideas and perspectives than to stubbornly and blindly hold on to stale old views all because one is unwilling to be challenged. You either hold your ground by delving deeper and gaining a better understanding of why you believe in what you do, or jump ship. 

Yes, there are certain goals I have set my sights on. I cannot say for sure that they will be the same in 10, 5, or even 2 years - after all, change is inevitable. I as a person am still evolving, hence my wants and desires shift and shape as I do. Though I do not know if I will still want these things in the future, working to accomplish something (anything really) keeps me in constant motion and on my toes.

   Am I happy? 

I am pretty thankful to be where I am in terms of work, relationships, fitness, and writing. I consider myself incredibly blessed to have a career within to the fitness industry, to be surrounded by amazing mentors and peers, to have a capable and healthy body, to have so much creative liberty as a freelance writer. 

Happiness is a state of mind ; choosing to be appreciative and grateful for the good that you have despite all the other numerous not-so-nice things that are part and parcel of life as well. Happiness is a constant never ending road trip where there is always one destination after another. Happiness is being contented without ever getting complacent. Happiness is being thankful for the past, being able to revel in the present, and being able to eagerly anticipate the future without fear.

Yes. Yes, I am happy. 
Undoubtedly and assuredly so.


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