Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 IN A LIST

I actually intended to write a legit post but damn that would've been wordy and lengthy.
So hey why not just make a list?

In chronological order (well the best I remember it), I present to you a list of my 2014.

  • Rode an ATV (that's an acronym for All Terrain Vehicle)
  • Backpacked solo to Indonesia (Padang - Sawah Lunto - Sijunjung - Bukit Tinggi - Padang)
  • Couchsurfed for the first time.
  • Started dating
  • Stayed in backpacker hostels for the first time. (Hostels in Indonesia are crap, hostels in Laos are good.)
  • Ventured to Chinatown, Pasar Seni, and Little India.
  • Mission trip to the Phillippines (Manila - Palawan - Manila)
  • Moved out on my own for 3 months.
  • Got a tattoo (on my back)
  • Slept in airports (thrice)
  • Backpacked solo to Laos (Vientiane - Vang Vieng - Vientiane)
  • Got a second tattoo (on my ribs)
  • Got a freelance writing job.
  • Got a fulltime marketing job within the fitness industry.
  • Got my damn driving license (yes I know I'm late)
  • Promptly got into 3 accidents (nothing major) and 1 parking ticket within the first month of driving. 
  • Participated in a charity fitness fundraiser collaboration between District 13 CrossFit and Epic Homes. 
  • Turned 22.
  • Realized how much my younger, unemployed self took time and sleep for granted. 
  • Surgically removed both my bottom wisdom teeth.
  • Found a life mentor. 
  • Started questioning (interrogating?) deeply my life beliefs and principles.
  • Current lift PRs : Deadlift - 95kgs, Back squat - 75kgs, Clean - 50kgs, Clean and Jerk - 50kgs, Snatch - 35kgs, OVH squat - 35kgs.
  • Finally succeeded at double unders and pull ups. 
  • Realized that I am incredibly blessed by the company of people around me.

So.. that pretty much sums it up.

Happy New Year 2015!

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