Thursday, October 9, 2014


I still remember my first full marathon in Penang last year.

Despite being completely unprepared, I made it within the time cap (if barely by a whisker). There was never any doubt I would cross the finish line. After all, anyone can cover any distance ; the only variable is how long they take. 

Isn't that the same with life? As long as you work hard, stay on track, have faith, and never give up -

   Success is assured.

It is under unexpected circumstances that I'm finding myself in the Standard Chartered KL Marathon this Sunday. A friend of mine was talking about letting go of their bib, which got me curiously wondering if I still had what it takes.

I quit my crazy chronic cardio routine more than a year ago so this is seriously taking a plunge into the deep end without knowing if I'll sink or sail.

The only form of training I have had over the past year is a mixture of strength and short intense metcon workouts. Will that suffice for me to do justice to 42.2km within the 6-hour time cap?


" Do you think you'll make it? " 
A friend of mine queried. 

" The worst that could happen is that I don't. "
Was my response.

I can accept failure. 
I can't accept not trying.

Is failure really the worst that could happen?
You fail, you learn, you get up, you move on better for the experience.

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