Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Woke up early in the morning, happily eager to go out and meet people. 
I'd planned my outfit and was excited to get dressed. 

The best part? 
The shoes. 

Oh those shoes.
I was so in love!


Hurrying through the mall on my way home, I stopped short. I retraced my steps. 
Rows upon rows winked merrily back at me. 

Enticed, I floated into the store. 
Drew out the pair that had caught my eye.

Tantalizingly tangerine, fiery fresh and stubbornly stunning. 
Oh those naughty devils!

I cautiously put them on.
They fit like a glove.

Quickly, I whisked them over the counter and out of the store with me.


Feeling uppity, bright eyed and gaily.
With class, poise, and grace of a lady.

Sashaying along the streets of Bangsar when...

I trip tremendously and fall splat! 
Sprawling flat with my palms spread out on the ground and skinning my knees.

How very ladylike indeed.

I think I twisted my ankle.

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