Thursday, July 17, 2014


It was the school holidays and I had found a part time job at sports retail store. 

One time someone came in wearing only a bikini top and miniskirt. Another time I mistakenly placed two left shoes in the box and the customer paid then left without realizing it either. (They came back a couple of days later to change the other side. Thankfully they were amused rather than annoyed by my error.)

Nevertheless, these incidents of interest were few and far between. Most of the time consisted of rearranging merchandise, daydreaming, and counting down the minutes for my shift to end.

There was however, an encounter which bore more significance.


A young guy in his early twenties walked in. He gave off a different vibe than most other people. He seemed full of life and enthusiasm ; happy, friendly, warm and genuinely interested in conversation. We got talking and he mentioned he was going to climb Mt. Kinabalu next week then backpack through South East Asia in a month's time.

" That's amazing. I wish I could too. " I said.
" You can. " He told me.

" Hmm? " I didn't quite understand.
" Decide that you will, then take action to achieve. " He advised.

" Really. " I somewhat disbelievingly mused.
" Yes really. " He responded with full surety.

" You can do anything. "
He calmly and confidently assured.


He walked out. 
I never even got his name. 

I never will forget him.

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