Monday, March 17, 2014


Melissa and I - smashed our WOD or smashed from our WOD?

She looks so chirpily cheerful while I on the other hand look so infuriatingly smug.


On my first date with Cad (I have decided that is the pseudonym I will use to refer to him on this blog), it was getting close to dinnertime and both of us were getting hungry. We were trying to decide where to eat and he asked me

    " Let's grab a bite - anything particular you have in mind? " 

I answered without thinking

    " Protein. " 


We decided to eat at the food court in KLCC and I got a chicken tandoori. Conversation steered to the conventional high-fat, high-protein diet generally encouraged in the CrossFit community.

    " Eating fat doesn't cause you to grow fat. That's like saying - so I'm eating chicken breasts, therefore I'll grow bigger breasts? Hey, that would actually be pretty cool. "


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