Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Just before I headed out for my date, my sister asked me

" What would be your worst case scenario? " 

I thought about it for a while, then answered: 

1. Getting stood up.
2. Not being able to 'click' with each other
3. Him trying to score  (if you know what I mean.)


As I sit here the next morning in my very-comfy-jammies typing out this post, I'm glad to inform that none of the above came to light.

What did happen was

   1. He showed up and his actual self was consistent with his virtual one.

Here's an interesting detail : he first contacted me via the World Wide Web (because the interwebz is where all the kool kidz hang out now lolxz peace out y'all xoxo). We've never met prior in person, hence this should've been on the 'worst case scenario' list as well ; nothing could be more of a moodkill than meeting Jabba the Hutt when you were expecting Channing Tatum.

That's not saying he's a doppelganger for Channing Tatum but you get what I mean.

       " Why hello there beautiful. " 

   2. He took me around Pasar Seni, Chinatown, and KLCC park.

Although really, Chinatown should be renamed Banglatown / Indotown / Myanmartown because there were hardly any Chinese in the vicinity.

He also showed me the backpacker hostel where he set up for a couple of weeks when he came through Malaysia while touring SEA.

An amusing incident ; when we were in the LRT, we almost mistakenly got off at a wrong stop - Kampung Baru. I told him that it was the Melay translation for 'new village'. He then started pointing randomly at the other stops, asking me to tell him what they meant.

Taman Bahagia was Happy Garden, Damai was peace, Dato' Keramat was Grandpa Keramat (LOL right there.)

    " What about Asia Jaya? " he wondered. I answered,
    " That would be.. Asian Success." And we laughed at how fittingly it played into the typical Asian stereotype.

   3. We got along fine.

   " Were you nervous before this? " he asked.
   " Not really. I was only breaking out in cold sweat, memorizing my lines, and popping a million different anti-anxiety pills. "

Jokes aside, to answer that question truthfully I would say I was slightly apprehensive as there's a number of ways for a situation like this could've turned out. However, it was for no good reason as I felt relatively at ease being myself (I think the fact that he did not look like Jabba helped as well.) 

At the end of the night, he gave me a hug and we parted ways. 
       Pic credits : Canadian Boy

We've only known each other for less than a month, hence this was more of a 'get to know you better as a person' date than anything more. Nobody's declaring their undying love or eloping to get married so you can all calm your tits and go back to work.


When I got home, my sister asked me two more questions.

  " How was it? "

While there were no fireworks shooting off nor angels descending playing their heavenly harps, I did appreciate both of us getting a better picture of each other. Plus it was nice to play tourist and get to see some parts of KL.

Extra points for him being considerate to see I wouldn't get back too late and also checking to see if I'd reached safely. (Elementary when taking a girl out, however this is apparently still something foreign to some guys.)

  " Will there be a second date? "

Maybe? My take on this is that if it happens it happens, but in the meantime I'm certainly not going to be sitting at home staring at the phone all day and then mope if he doesn't call. It's called having a life, people. Look it up, maybe make a note to get one as well. (Okay that was maybe taking it a bit too far. Jokes!)



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