Tuesday, February 11, 2014


I had an interesting conversation with a friend. He was telling me about how he came to choose his faith (I don't like using the word 'religion', somehow it sounds so 'religious' which carries this air of formality and all these holier-than-thou connotations, anyway I digress.)

As a kid, he had never been very interested in these matters. However when he came to his late teens he started deeply questioning things like the purpose of existence, life after death, etc. He also told me he felt spiritually hollow, hence began to seek fulfillment and answers.

The faith that his family sporadically observed was one that held reincarnation as one of its fundamental pillars. This was what he found most difficult to grasp.

From what he told me (correct me if I'm wrong) what reincarnation says is that if a person does good deeds, after his death he'll be able to be reborn into a higher class of society / family / background, and if he consistently carries out good deeds, this cycle of redemption and reincarnation goes on until finally, he reaches Nirvana. 

However, if a person does evil deeds, he will be condemned by being reborn into a lower class of society. If he is still stubbornly unrepentant, it could result in him being reincarnated as an animal. This was what my friend was unable to comprehend.

///" What if I become a dog? As an animal, how would I be judged as to whether I'm good or bad? "
///" I guess if you 'fetch', that makes you a good dog. Then if you bite, that makes you a bad dog. "
///" But what if I become something like say, a ladybug? What then? What good can a ladybug do to redeem itself? "

Frankly speaking, I have no idea what good (or evil) deeds a ladybug would be capable of doing. Nevertheless, it was an amusing conversation and gave me an interesting perspective to chew on.

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