Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Yesterday, someone was telling me their perspective on marriage - changes that could occur after tying the knot, issues that could arise between a husband and wife, etc. 

It disturbed me greatly when this person concluded by saying

" If things don't work out, we can always just get a divorce. "

JUST get a divorce? Ho-ho-hold it right there. 

Marriage isn't a flippant, carelessly made decision that can be jauntily called off as if it never held any significance at all. It's a sacred and lifelong pledge which a man and woman have made onto each other before their friends and family, in the presence of God. 

   ... To have and to hold,
   For better and for worse,
   For richer and for poorer, 
   In sickness and in health, 
   To love and to cherish,
   Till death do us part.

If you're entering a marriage with the mindset that it is even an option to turn tail and run  the moment things get rough - you shouldn't be getting married at all.


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