Monday, January 13, 2014


I was talking to this kid (I think he was about 15 or 16 years old) and he told me that he would like to get better at singing. 

Me : How do you intend to achieve that?
Him : I suppose I'll practice more.
Me : But how do you know if you're getting better at it or not?
Him : By listening to myself.
Me : Why don't you join a competition, or perform at one of your school's events?
Him : I don't need other people to validate if I'm getting better or not. And I don't think want other people to hear me sing either.
Me : But what's the point for you to put all that effort into becoming a better singer, if you're only going to sing for yourself? 


What good does it do... 
   To be an amazing chef, who does not allow others to savour the taste of your cooking?
   To be the most graceful ballerina, who only dances behind drawn curtains of the stage?
   To be the strongest person in the world, who does not lift a finger to ease another's burden?

By which case, would be just as though you had naught. 

Talent and gifts are meant to be shared, for the rest of the world to rejoice and delight in as well.


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