Thursday, July 25, 2013


There is nothing wrong with wanting to attain a secure future. 

But if this is all you think about.

If riches and and materials are what you lust for and chase after.

If this is what you crave and hunger for above all else.

Then I'm afraid we have to part here as friends.

I cannot fathom making use of others to beget personal gains. I simply cannot justify doing so. You can say that this is a dog-eat-dog world and it's either eat or be eaten. It is also true that money can help my family and myself to live a more comfortable life. 

However I am unwilling to believe that drawing blood from others is something that is part and parcel of the climb to success. I'm sure there is a better way. Even if there isn't and I am wrong and foolishly naive to think so, I still stand my ground ; that it is better to be poor and at peace with myself, than rich and troubled at heart.

I hope that you find someone whose goals are aligned to yours. Someone who will support you and be just as equally driven as you are in searching this world for its pleasures. I'm sure she will love your drive and focus and commitment.

She cannot be me. 

Whoever she may be, I'm sure both of you will find great happiness and success with each other, and enjoy your life of material acquisition and wealth. 

I hope that you will find her, and I wish both of you well. Really and truly.


Monday, July 22, 2013


I don't understand.

" What.. "

" Why.. "

" How could you.. "

" But I thought you were.. "



Friday, July 19, 2013


It is nearing the end of July, almost August. August, which is when the intake for my degree is slated to begin. Guess what?

I've decided not to commence. 

Not to commence for this intake, I mean. Good gracious, did you think I meant not finishing my degree? Faugh! Never! Education is crucial and there is no doubt about it, I definitely intend to get my hands on a degree. However I will only be starting in March next year.

The next question I know will definitely be ; why? 
Why put my studies on hold til next year?

It's time to update you guys. 

The last you heard, I was working in a kindergarten as an assistant teacher. 


And now?

I'm working in a Human Resource firm which provides software to companies in order to assist them in effectively managing their human capital.

There is the conventional component, such as payroll / leave / claims / etc.

However, our area of specialization is in Talent Development and Performance Management. From what I've gathered, it is a fairly new concept for some that it is important to treat your employees well in order to retain your talents. Also most companies are waking up to the realization that in order for their organization to grow, it is the employees who first need to be groomed in terms of ability and performance. Dynamic and motivated staff are the first building blocks of a successful company.

When I first began working here, words which used be unfamiliar to me such as competency, KPI, profile mapping, learning curve, employee engagement, recruitment strategies, etc are now common terms I tango with.

We reach out mostly to large companies who need to effectively manage their high volume of staff. Some of them you'd likely have heard of are Petronas, Berjaya, Media Prima, UEM and Mitsubishi.


I'm involved with client outreach and support, which is networking and keeping up with the many companies we deal with. There are networking sessions as well as corporate seminars and workshops on a pretty constant basis. As well as to the opportunity to learn, they also hold the grounds for everyone attending to build understandings and form bonds with each other. 

The first session I attended, I was rather apprehensive as most of the individuals there are the key decision makers for their companies ; the Vice Presidents, CEOs, Directors, General Managers. To a mere kid like myself, they sounded such an intimidating, important bunch. 

I knew that in order to communicate well and ensure our interactions were refreshing, I'd have to be interested in what they were interested in. Namely the stock market, investment news, financial affairs, economical developments, foreign and political news, etc. If you'd asked a couple of months ago what was the latest update on Forex, or who was leading the stock market, you might as well be speaking Hebrew or Latin to me. 

My taking an interest in this aspect may have initially been started off by something as shallow as not wanting to look cluelessly tongue-tied and stand alone in the corner while others discussed the latest issues in banking and trade. However I have been gripped in earnest, ferociously tearing through the business and corporate news to devour what they behold. This has given me an insight and a huge awakening to what is really happening in our economy and world today. I'm not saying I know much ; indeed the more I know, the more I feel like there is so much out there I don't know. 


Moving on to another interesting area of my work - the people.

When I'm at work, I hardly come into anyone who is similar to myself. This is speaking in terms of age, experience (or my lack thereof), and maturity (or my lack thereof). However, I have never found others as engaging, as driven, as cultured, and as forward minded as most of the people I meet.

As I mentioned earlier, a lot of them are high ranking professionals. What could we possibly have in common? Nothing. That's right, NOTHING.

That is precisely why I am sincerely grateful for the opportunity to glean off their wealth of experience and knowledge. I am also glad they are willing to be patient with me and tell me their insights and situations. That may be due to the fact that I am so eager to hear the things they have to say. Believe me that I am not 'kissing ass' or 'sucking up' but genuinely intrigued with what they have to share. As we engage with clients from different fields, I'm able to harvest important pieces on property development, pharmaceutical information, natural resources, investment advice, and financial management.

They may be people of high stature, but you also wouldn't believe how humble and sincere they are as well. Like the Director who stooped to the ground to pick up a slice of cake which I dropped on the carpeted floor while we stood conversing over cups of coffee. Or the Tan Sri who, after a company meeting, suggested that his board and staff have lunch together. Dressed in their suits, they got down from their chauffeured luxury cars at a rundown coffee shop and when the food came, Tan Sri served the staff before they could even rise to serve him. The property tycoon who as a boy used to sell plastic bags to shopkeepers in his village, now sitting on a company worth millions if not billions of ringgit.


I realize that this opportunity I have been given is inarguably worth the decision I have made to delay my studies. While it may not be easy, I know that my gain will definitely be more than my sacrifice. Every single iota.


Wednesday, July 17, 2013


" Don't eat in front of me, I'm fasting! "

" Wah so tempting your instagram food pictures. Don't post lah, orang tengah puasa ni! "


These are just two recent statements I found interesting.

I want to state that I have enormous respect for those who are observing the practice of fasting this holy month.

I'm glad you've decided to take upon yourself to be as dedicated and disciplined and determined. Inasmuch, something like an image on Facebook / Twitter / Instagram would hardly sway this steadfast commitment and ironclad will, would it?

On the same note, why should even the sight of another person consuming food and drink because he or she is not bound to your practice, leave you reeling with displeasure that they would have the audacity to do so in your presence? 

Frankly speaking, when such an incident occurs, shouldn't you feel all the more glad of the opportunity to exercise your strength and patience and endurance? Isn't it so that by facing these temptations and overcoming them, that you are able to reach higher virtue and reinforce your commitment?

Just as any reasonable person would not expect those around them to go on a diet because they have decided to partake it upon themselves, you would hardly that everyone around you to hold themselves to the same practice as your fasting, would you?

Well now. That's enough said. I feel that this is as far as I should carry my thoughts into cyberspace (where the  virtual watchdogs prowl and sniff) lest I find myself standing over an unpleasant cauldron of boiling reactions which may potentially overflow with nasty repercussions.

These are mere thoughts from someone who does not profess under the religion of Islam. Therefore I apologize if anything I have said is deemed discourteous or offensive to your respected religion, and I would be most appreciative if any wrongdoing would immediately be brought to attention.

Again, I assure you that I sincerely have nothing but pure admiration for those of you who are showing such commendable restraint and willpower. To muslims everywhere, 

Selamat berpuasa, and Salam Aidilfitri in advance.

Friday, July 12, 2013


Sometime at the end of 2011, I started blogging about health / fitness / diet and all that shizz. However, things have been relatively quiet here over the past several months in this regard. 

I think that when I first got started, it was akin to opening up a Pandora's box of elements. Exciting, volatile, challenging, and intriguing all at once. For a while back then, everything was new, everything was interesting and refreshingly eye-opening that I just HAD to have an outlet (i.e. this blog) to express all that I was going through.

Back then, I was always conscious about this new 'healthy living' that I was cautiously exploring. The whole thing was a novelty, such a big deal to me and I was always fussing whether I was doing things right. For example,

How many calories was there in this?
How long had I spent working out?
How much was my intake for today?

The above queries were always scuttling about the inside of my mind.
Then I'm not quite sure what happened. Gradually they seemed to tame down, became less ruffled.

I think that it's just one of those things. Where you start off and are always anxious and are acutely aware of what you're doing. So much energy and effort spent into consciously taking every step towards keeping in line. Then somehow, over time it just becomes a habit, your mind goes on autopilot and you find you're doing it naturally without even thinking.

I'm not saying it's easy to go chalk up 20kms on the track, or be up planning and preparing my meals for the day at the crack of dawn when anyone in their right mind is still soundly asleep curled up in their warm comfy bed.

I may still blog about things in this cord when the inspiration strikes, but for now I've pretty much adapted it as part of a 'normal', routine life.

Which is good, because now that this is what 'normal' is to me,
All the more energy and effort to chase new goals!


Thursday, July 11, 2013


I haven't worked out for so long it's ridiculous. Ever since the haze came on (about mid-June, it's now nearly the middle of July), training has taken a backseat. At first I was restless and grouchy about not being able to train. However I gradually let other stuff consume my time and didn't even realize how much was slipping away.

Before this, a routine week would see me training 4-5days and 18-23km each time. In stark comparison, the past month has seen my bottom firmly glued down to the seat. 

I mentioned briefly in my past post that I would be registering for the Viper Challenge.

Well, here's the deed signed and stamped. It's scary to think how I only have a month from now to whip myself back into shape to take on this gruelling event.

   What is the Viper Challenge?

It's a rough-and-tough it out event set over a course of 20km with 20 military style obstacles built for each kilometer of the route. Most western countries have similar races such as Tough Mudders, Spartan Race, and Superhero Scramble.

   Why/ How/ When did I sign up?

That's a good question. I suppose because one can only do so many marathons before wondering what else is there to test my limits against. 

You can sign up by downloading the forms at the Viper Challenge website and submitting it at any Rock Corner outlet. 

I will be doing this with a team (Honey Badgers) led by Felix Tay, fitness enthusiast and personal trainer at Celebrity Fitness. There is also the individual category if you want to go lone ranger at it. Take note that whether you participate as an individual or a team, there is no difference in registration fees.

Early bird prices were at RM99 and regular fees were RM130. Since I signed up late I had to pay the hefty amount of RM173, but for that I have only myself to blame.

   What are some examples of the obstacles there will be at the challenge?

Scouting around good ol' reliable Google, I came across some similar challenges from Tough Mudder Australia. Pictures taken from Liz over at

Just looking through the pictures gets me all sorts of excited and anxious and jittery! Gads.

   What to wear?

Since this is not a marathon (and also because there will apparently be a lot of mud), none of my bright, snazzy pieces that I usually wear for running will be worn. Instead I'll be wearing old knee length pants and one of my most ratty tank tops.

   What exactly do I hope to prove anyway?

That I can do this.