Saturday, March 23, 2013


hello hello :)
how's everyone? i'm so busy i barely have enough time to even catch my breath! 
nevertheless, crazily hectic as my life may be right now, i'm loving every moment.

i graduated from my diploma with a finishing gpa of 3.55 and a cgpa of 3.46. however, there is more to life than studies, getting a job, making money, and having a lot of things, so right now i'm taking some time off to work and travel before continuing with my degree.

taking a gap year is really something i'd highly recommend for anyone. it takes your mind off of studies, books, and cramming, it refreshes your being, opens your mind and soul to the world, to life.

as i've mentioned a number of times already, right now i'm working as an assistant teacher at a preschool. working with children, challenging as it may be, is something that is immensely rewarding and eye-opening.

although the pay isn't much, the main reason i took it is because of the short hours - plus the fact that it gives me something to occupy my time with and provides with a bit of pocket money. 

before going out for a run.

my love affair with running is still going strong although i blog less about it nowadays. it is my anchor, my rock, my link to sanity. it is where i push myself and break my limits, so that i am able to go farther on my next run.

enjoying this view after a long run.

running makes me feel so alive and hyper aware of my surroundings - the warmth of the air, the smell of the grass and track, the vibrance of the sun's rays. i appreciate things more and feel so much more grateful for this life and the body that i have been blessed with.

another time when the track was soaked through with rain. coupled with the coolness of the night, it made for  a very pleasurable run indeed.

our second ICF sports session!

sports & CF, the two things i love combined into one ; i really hope these sessions become a regular thing.

it started raining so we moved to the basement and continued playing.

finally, i've found the PERFECT yellow dress!

i remember when i was in australia 3 years ago and was searching for a yellow dress but couldn't find any that i liked. 3 years on, and my search has come to a happy end. :)


Sunday, March 17, 2013


hello there.

sorry for the infrequent updates of late! been way busy with work, running, Inti CF, youth, the list goes on. 

anyway, here are a few recent pictures to give you a glimpse into what i've been up to.


basketball session with ICF peeps

a few of them came up with the idea of playing sports as a way of us interacting more outside of CF. if you ask me, it was a great idea! that i get to spend more time with these people (who have become oh-so-very-important to me) and at the same time get to play sports. :)

whole coffee beans from starbucks

given to me by a friend who works there. these are whole beans, which means i have to grind them up and brew them myself. they make good coffee. :)


checked out a newly opened burger joint in the ss15 area. i didn't eat because honestly, their burgers didn't look very appealing and i didn't want to mindlessly rack up calories of something i didn't think i'd enjoy.

the menu at burgertory

as you can see, it's pretty pricey.

pak, myself, david.

a high school tuitionmate of mine, sammy was there too. i never talked much to her back then because we always sat with our own groups of friends, but i'm glad we got to know each other better. the company that was there on that day was wonderful, and we ended the night on a good note with a movie sesh at sammy's house. 

one of their burgers

honestly, i wasn't impressed at all. but don't take my opinion for it ; according to the others who actually ordered, the food was nothing to shout about.

some more pics of the place


Thursday, March 14, 2013


"i'm bleeding!!"
"EHMAHGERD what do we do?"

we take a picture and post it to facebook, that's what we do. :D


Friday, March 8, 2013


skipped my run yesterday to attend the BIG campus party by acts church. i had no idea what to expect (coupled with the fact that i was feeling slightly miffed at missing out on a run) so i was pretty apprehensive about it at first, but it was really good. just this once, i have to say that i don't regret skipping my workout!

note : i do not say this easily, not when it comes to running.


nick, david, janice, carisa and i went for supper at McD's after that and i made bet with nick about the price of a beefburger. the loser had to go up to a random person and pay them a compliment. i wagered that it was Rm3, and lost (it was Rm3.30. mmph, it was close.)

we were at McD's for about 3hours, and for the whole of that duration all the guys in there were either 
a) with their girlfriends
b) with their families 

i didn't want to go up to any of the above. all too soon, it was time to leave. as we were walking out the door (with nick complaining that i hadn't followed through on losing the bet) this bunch of guys about our age was coming in, and i saw the opportunity to fulfill my obligation. one of them was already brushing past me, looking straight ahead as he walked in. quickly, i lightly touched his shoulder to get his attention, looked him straight in the eye and said

" hey, you look really good today. "

it was pretty funny cos he got this seriously confused / disbelieving expression on his face and went " uhh... what..?? " i repeated what i'd said (at the same time trying to keep a straight face and fighting the urge to giggle) this time, the beginnings of a smile crept upon his face ; we left him smiling from ear to ear as our group walked off into the night.

it felt nice to light up someone's face with a smile, even though we were just strangers briefly crossing paths.

maybe losing the bet turned out to be the better end of the deal after all. :)

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


" Take heart, and know that you are destined for great things."


I came across the above phrase some time ago. Of late, it has been repeating itself over and over in my mind. 

Recently, I've been thinking more and more about my future. True, I have yet to do my degree after having completed my diploma. 

What am I going to do with my life?

Finish my degree, get a job, get a husband, have kids, settle down, work hard and raise my family?

Is life really that cliched and predictable?

I look around me and everyone is caught up in the same boring old cycle. You go to work in the same cubicle as a dozen others in the office, you all sit down in front of the same screen and work at your typical mundane 9-5 job. You go home, eat dinner, watch some tv, and sleep. The next day, the cycle resumes. Weekends of temporary shortlived merriment intersperse. Weeks, months, years, decades, your whole life goes by like this.

And I tremble in fear lest I become trapped in the same dingy deplorable humdrum.

For lack of a better metaphor, I feel like we are akin to birds in a cage. Thousands of us, with wings and the ability to soar amongst the skies, swoop through the clouds, caress the treetops and coast with the breeze, bask in the sunshine and rain ; yet here we are trudging through this drudgery, shackled in the metaphorical cage that is a cubicle. 

Devoid of any passion, excitement, purpose, fullfilment. Soulless glassy-eyed beings that glide listlessly from task to task, lacking any real emotions that make a living breathing person. An empty shell - thinking that happiness is in front of the idiot box watching reruns of a TV series, that happiness is found at the bottom of your 7th empty bottle of liquor, that happiness is putting on a suit and tie to do something you dislike to have material things which you don't really care about anyway to bring a little temporary excitement to your meaningless existence only to sink lower and lower each time.

Is this what it means to live? 

There is so much more to life than this! There is!

There has to be! 

So many of us trudging along, being led closer and closer to the slaughter, all to undergo the morbid methodical and deliberate annihilation of our souls to end up as just another product on the way out on the conveyor belt, neatly and uniformly packaged and exactly the same as thousands of others with no trace of who we once were. Who we are meant to be.

The very possibility of being enslaved by such monotony makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand and the taste of bile rise in my mouth.

Get a job, make money, buy a house and car, and spend my lifetime working to pay off loans and climb higher up the working ladder. But why? Will that make me happy? 

When life slows down before gradually grinding to a halt, will I look upon it and feel that I have achieved something, anything worthwhile? Will I have anything at all to be relished and treasured?

Wouldn't it be much more fulfilling if I

Went to the north pole and saw killer whales swim alongside our ship?

Wandered the forgotten paths of an ancient jungle in peru?

Ran the Great Wall of China Marathon?

Wouldn't all these things be so much more fulfilling and meaningful, something I would hold on to dearly and cherish my whole life?

Friday, March 1, 2013


a friend of mine was telling me about how heartbroken he was over a recent breakup. the reason for this? she was of another religion. 

now, malaysia being a multiracial country and all, it's not uncommon to hear people supporting interracial and interreligious marriage. cultural diversity, interfaith relationships, whatever it is BOLEH LAH!

i found this an interesting topic, and feel like sharing my thoughts here.


i've heard that in a healthy relationship, both partners need to be moving in the same direction and be of the same mind. they need to encourage each other to pursue their passions and to have a healthy social group.

if you were in a relationship, wouldn't you want your other half to show respect and love for your mother and father? when you get married, would you want them to honour and show support towards your parents? of course you would, because your parents raised you, showered you with their unconditional love, and made you who you are today. you would be nothing without them. in turn, so would your other half expect you to honour their parents and love their family. 

now to use that metaphor in another perspective ; if you were in a relationship, wouldn't you want your other half to respect and love your God? didn't God "create your inmost being and knit you within your mother's womb" ? when you get married, wouldn't you want your other half to honour and show support towards your faith as well? 

from my point of view, i could never say "well i guess it's alright if he doesn't treat my parents with respect,  if he can't stand my parents, nevermind if he can't get along with my family." i would want him to treat my family well ; not just my earthly parents but my heavenly Father as well.