Thursday, December 5, 2013


The underlying theme of my post today is " When there is a will, there is a way. "

Anyway, let me start off by telling you I have impacted wisdom teeth. How unfortunate indeed!

What exactly is an impacted wisdom tooth?

An impacted wisdom tooth is one that is lying down horizontally, as opposed to the usual vertical upward or downward position.

X-ray image (not mine) of an impacted wisdom tooth.

An actual visual. (Again, not mine.)

It's darn near impossible to clean impacted wisdom teeth properly. Decay and infection are a guaranteed package ; the only variable is time, whether sooner or later. 


I have two of these troublesome teeth. Up til recently, they were concealed within my gums. As long as they are not exposed to the surface, there is usually no cause for alarm. It is only when they erupt that issues start to arise. Food particles that no amount of brushing can dislodge get trapped in the crevices - the only solution is to surgically remove them.

I've mentioned many times before that I'm not from a rich family. I have absolutely no restrictions in saying this as I've never felt that not having a lot of money is anything to be ashamed of.  Anyway, to cut the long story short I decided to find a way to fund the surgical procedure myself as opposed to asking my parents for money.

First of all, I got a quote from my dentist as to how much it would cost per extraction. I was quoted a rough figure of Rm700. That figure was not yet even inclusive of any additional costs or expenses that could potentially be incurred. Once rounded up, it could come up to Rm1000 per tooth. Multiply that by two teeth - that's Rm2000 out of my own pocket.


(When I enquired further how this princely sum is derived, the answer I received was that it does not come from the equipment nor facilities, it is all due to the skill needed for the procedure.)

I then started scouting for other viable options which would not involve so much money. The less it would cost, the better. Of course it also goes without saying that it had to be safe and performed by a qualified party, not just any Tom Dick or Harry on the street. 

Not wanting to cough up, yet all these requirements? Would I even be able to work this out with the conditions I was so firmly holding on to?

Well, I have. Not only that, I'm going to get it done FOR FREE.

Which goes to say that no matter what you want to achieve, daunting and challenging though it may seem - there is always, always a way.


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