Tuesday, December 31, 2013


   Corporate high-flier, with keen intelligence and razor sharp focus. 

Cufflinked and smartly collared, he strides through the carpeted corridors. He gladly extends his hours into the wee morning, poring over spreadsheets and reports, meticulously polishing his pitch to perfection with only the glare of the screen and clicking of the keyboard to keep him company.

Nothing gives him a more intoxicating high than when a client signs on the dotted line, a more delicious thrill than winning a project tender. 

Away from all the prestige and recognition, he tells of what he longs for above all else. 

   Powerfully built, a raw force to be reckoned with.

In the dark before dawn, sweat running in rivulets down his chiselled back. Chest rising and falling with heavy laboured breathing. 

He heaves the hefty barbell above his head and proudly stands up tall. The four walls resound with dull thuds as the immense load falls with full force on the ground, over and over again.

Regardless of everything he has found and built up in physique and performance, his words tell a different story of what he searches for.

Two individuals, each leading separate lives so distinctly different from the other.

The only thread that binds them in common - their longing for meaningful companionship and genuine affection.

Can your 'Most Outstanding Employee' award sway with you to soft jazz across a parqueted dance floor? Your glowing annual appraisal place a cool towel on your feverish brow when you are ill?

Can the unyielding iron barbell offer you warmth only found in the lingering touch of another human? Can your PRs enjoy brunch on a lazy Saturday afternoon then amiably traipse with you through supermarket aisles to stock up on groceries? 

People are meant to be fulfilled through deeper means than such. 


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