Friday, November 8, 2013


   What is CrossFit?

About a year ago, I came across the term 'CrossFit.' I looked it up and discovered that it was a form of sport which covers a variety of aspects through the spectrum of fitness : speed, strength, stamina, cardio, flexibility, coordination, agility, power, and so on. 

   What attracted me to CrossFit?

As the name itself already implies, the rationale of CrossFit is that it is better to have a decent capacity for all aspects of fitness than to be the master of just one. 

That makes sense and is practical. If you were in school, would you rather
1) Get a decent grade for every subject, or 
2) Score flying colours in one subject while failing the rest? 

I'm sure you'd be smart enough to see which makes more sense. The same goes for CrossFit when it applies to fitness. I'd rather be generally capable in all aspects than be at the top in just one.

As I grew increasingly intrigued, I started following more articles, blogs and videos. It looked all sorts of intense, exciting, challenging, and fun. Should I also add, terrifying? I wanted to try it out as well, but a lot of the movements involve things like butterfly pull ups, muscle ups, handstand pushups, rope climbs - all which require immense amounts of strength.

Deadlift, snatch, press, clean, squat, jerk - strength is an integral part of CrossFit and this was what intimidated me most. I did not know much about strength training and weights were scary to me. Walking into the weight room alone and trying to do a deadlift? I'd rather be caught dead. (Me so punny hee hee.)

So I kept my distance as I observed in silent awe.

  How did I get involved in CrossFit?

Mid-2013, I signed up for The Viper Challenge. My friend Ian told me about it and encouraged me to join his team, the Honey Badgers. 

Initially, we had only one goal - to train for and conquer the 20km military style obstacle race. The workouts which our Founder and Team Captain Felix put together were designed to spur us on both physically and mentally. As we workout CrossFit style, it was with the Honey Badgers that I finally received the proper coaching for strength training.

What I also received was the powerful positivity, team spirit and camaraderie which can only occur when training alongside others. The fire and passion which everyone fuels each other with was indescribably addictive. After Viper, we signed up for the Reebok One Challenge.

Although Viper and Reebok have come and gone, we continue to train together up to this day because the stronger we are as a community, the more we gain as individuals. Apart from that, it's also much more fun! 

Hence, the Honey Badgers warmly welcome everyone and anyone who aspires to achieve a better version of themselves. 

We work out every Saturday at 7pm at a location in Sunway. Like us on Facebook to find out more and get our daily WODs! 

   Who should CrossFit?

As CrossFit is scalable to all levels, anyone can do it. When I first began up til today, I do scaled down version for most of the standard workouts. You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great. 

I can't compare myself to some of the other members in my group who can deadlift 150kgs for multiple sets (so far my deadlift PR is 70kgs x2reps x2sets) so no one should have the mentality that you need to 'measure up' to someone else's level. The only person you want to be better than is the person you were yesterday.

Everyone participates at their pace, on their level. Like I said, CrossFit is for everyone, across all levels of fitness. No kidding even your grandma can do it. 

   Why do I CrossFit?

CrossFit is about functional fitness. This means doing something which you would also practice in real life. For example, picking heavy something off the ground (grocery bags, your own body weight), being able to react quickly (running away from danger), jumping onto or over something. (way more useful than being able to run for 3hours, eh?)

The beauty of CrossFit is that anyone can start off with basic movements and progress on as they are able. If you're come in doing bodyweight squats, in a week or so you could add 10kgs to that, and so on.  I used to carry the misconception that CrossFit was a sport for elite athletes, which couldn't be more wrong. 

Here are a few more reasons as to why I CrossFit.

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