Friday, September 13, 2013


It's not just any ordinary day.

It's my birthday.

It's not just any ordinary birthday.

It's my 21st birthday.

Which should be a big deal right?

I mean, my facebook timeline has been streaming in with well-wishers for the joyous occasion. (EHMAHGERD 87 NOTIFICATIONS AND COUNTING? I'M SEWWW KEWWWLLL)

I should be going hip, hip, hooray..?

Quite the contrary.


Some time ago, I lent a sum of money to this party. A huge sum. They so sincerely impressed upon me the dire circumstances they were in that I reached in way over my comfort range to give it to them.

They were so relieved they practically wept tears of joy, kissed my feet, danced a happy jig. They promised they would pay me back. I naively took their word for it and had it completely for granted that they would reimburse me in full.

I'd always thought that when you have good faith in people, similarly they will hold likewise to you.


(Can I just get a big round of applause for being such a gullible fool?)

Weeks, months, years crept by. I'd gently bring up the topic once in a while, just to remind them. But I never really pushed them hard. People ARE good. They were trying their best and I knew that the good I'd done would come back to me in due time. I just had to be patient.


Nice meals, fancy outings, pretty things. Wow. Hey, you seem to be doing good. Great for you! Now, what about that loan I gave you? Could you at least say, return a small amount to begin with?
This represents my hard work and time, what I've been putting towards making my goals a reality. Do you think I would spend on frivolous things, flashy whatchamacalits, shiny bits and bobs? 

Flared tempers, angry faces, heated exchange. Getting called nasty names.


" We need to have nice things too! "
" Quit bugging us, we'll pay you back when we'll pay you back! "
" We've been so tight for so long, why can't you cut us some slack? "


And the worst part is, guess who's the bigger idiot?

Happy birthday to me.

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  1. hee haro!

    You need to bring out your knuckledusters and massage their faces with it. :D

    ps: indeed, no navel lint in sight