Friday, September 20, 2013


The other day, I was at an event and got talking to this boy who was a friend of a friend. He gave a pretty good first impression ; good looking, athletic, relatively intelligent and well spoken. Of course, it helped that he was reading a book by one of my favourite authors (I see you like Mitch Albom? * flutters *)

As we talked, it came out that he was a degree student about to graduate soon. 

" So, what are you going to do after? "
" My parents already have a career mapped out for me. "
" You don't say. Are you happy with what they have waiting for you? "
" No. I don't want to do it. In fact, I think it sucks. "
" Do you think you could enjoy it after the initial period? "
" Frankly, I don't think I could. "
" Then why are you going ahead with it? "
" Because they're my parents, and they say so. "


" I see. But what do YOU want to do? "
" I don't know. "
" Well, it doesn't have to be career / study related! Haven't you ever thought of things like going scuba diving, doing volunteer work, or backpacking in another country? "
" Hmm... yes. You know, for all my 21 years I've never taken a pause from studying. I'd love to travel, work on my photography, and just take a break for maybe half a year. "
" Then why don't you? "
" Because my parents are expecting me to start right away. "

I eyed him incredulously.

" Tell them then! You can begin like this 'Mom, Dad. I love you both and I know you've done a lot for me. But what I truly want to right now is to explore and find out for myself who I really am and what I really want.' "
" I already have. They don't want to hear about it. "
" Then just go out by yourself and do it on your own! "
" I can't. "

" Because then I would need money to go out and do those things. "
" So.. you could get a job. "
" Nope."
" Why? "
" Because my parents won't let me. "


Now, look here. 

First of all, the part about career. In any job you start out with, ask :

1) Is this making you happy? 
     a. If yes, good! 
     b. If no, see 2) 

2) Alright, you're not happy with how things are now. If you suck it up and stick by it for long enough, will it get you somewhere you can be happy?
     a. If yes, great for you! Keep roughing it out and reminding yourself that this is a stepping stone to a better place.
     b. If no, what are you waiting for? Abandon ship, matey!


Second of all. This is YOUR life. You hear me? 

Of course, you could say you abided by all the rules. You kept your head down, took orders, did as you were told, toed the line.

However, at the end of the day YOU are responsible for how it turns out and no one else. If, at 70 years old you suddenly have an huge epiphany, bang your walking stick on the ground and shout "Damnit! This sucks! I didn't get to live the life I wanted! All because.. " 

My Parents wanted me to..
My Teacher instructed me to..
My Pastor advised me to..
My Wife said to..
My Boss told me to..

Blaming other people won't do any good. If you go around taking orders from other people or doing what others think you should do, you deserve every bit of what you receive.

You don't need anyone's permission to make your life worth living.


Friday, September 13, 2013


It's not just any ordinary day.

It's my birthday.

It's not just any ordinary birthday.

It's my 21st birthday.

Which should be a big deal right?

I mean, my facebook timeline has been streaming in with well-wishers for the joyous occasion. (EHMAHGERD 87 NOTIFICATIONS AND COUNTING? I'M SEWWW KEWWWLLL)

I should be going hip, hip, hooray..?

Quite the contrary.


Some time ago, I lent a sum of money to this party. A huge sum. They so sincerely impressed upon me the dire circumstances they were in that I reached in way over my comfort range to give it to them.

They were so relieved they practically wept tears of joy, kissed my feet, danced a happy jig. They promised they would pay me back. I naively took their word for it and had it completely for granted that they would reimburse me in full.

I'd always thought that when you have good faith in people, similarly they will hold likewise to you.


(Can I just get a big round of applause for being such a gullible fool?)

Weeks, months, years crept by. I'd gently bring up the topic once in a while, just to remind them. But I never really pushed them hard. People ARE good. They were trying their best and I knew that the good I'd done would come back to me in due time. I just had to be patient.


Nice meals, fancy outings, pretty things. Wow. Hey, you seem to be doing good. Great for you! Now, what about that loan I gave you? Could you at least say, return a small amount to begin with?
This represents my hard work and time, what I've been putting towards making my goals a reality. Do you think I would spend on frivolous things, flashy whatchamacalits, shiny bits and bobs? 

Flared tempers, angry faces, heated exchange. Getting called nasty names.


" We need to have nice things too! "
" Quit bugging us, we'll pay you back when we'll pay you back! "
" We've been so tight for so long, why can't you cut us some slack? "


And the worst part is, guess who's the bigger idiot?

Happy birthday to me.

Monday, September 9, 2013


If you're a person who knows me well, you would know that I've been wanting to go on a backpacking adventure for some time already. Heck, everyone in my vicinity knows it.

  " But where would you stay? "
  " How would you get the money? "
  " Who would you go with? "
  " Isn't it dangerous? "
  " Why on earth would you want to do something so far out? "

Ahh, the number of doubting Thomases haranguing me, trying to dissuade me from going! Trying to bring me under the same spell of their mistrust and scepticism!

Well, in order to calm some of your apprehensions, here is what I've thought of so far. I know there will be exclamations, but I don't care. Ready?

I'd fly AirAsia,, or I'd hitchhike, thumb-a-ride, or walk.
I'd sleep in airports, train stations, churches, welfare shelters, 24-hour joints, police stations, backpacker lodges, the works.
I'd eat from the bargain section of supermarkets, farmers markets, street food, work for food. Heck, I'd eat the leftover food on peoples tables.

People tell me I'm crazy. Is that so?

Oh well. Better stand alone on my side and be labelled 'crazy' than to stand on their side and be accepted as 'normal'. What good is it to live life sheltered and safely tucked away? I would rather have a good ol' rough and tumble with adventure and come away breathless, even though it probably means getting a few bumps and bruises along the way..

I hold fast to the notion that when there is a will, there is a way. If you truly want something bad enough, you WILL go out there and you WILL find a way to make it happen.

Belief is the foundation upon which dreams are built. Believe you can, and you're halfway there.

Some time ago, I'd done a breakdown of 3 things which I would need to do this.

- Time
- Money
- Companion

Time :
I'm having a gap between my studies now, so schedule is of no object to me.

Money :
I've been working my ass off with multiple jobs and saving like mad, so the finances (while thin) look like they'll hold together. Would be good to get more funds to support myself though, so this is still under way.

Companion :
By far, this has been the most difficult criteria to fulfill. Have a conversation with me, and it's likely that the first few sentences out of my mouth would have been pertaining to travelling. A couple of months ago, I thought I'd found the right person *cough I'm looking at you Jon cough* but things came up and plans fell through. It's okay though, it just means I have to wait a little longer until the right person comes along.

The right person, who is just as hungry for adventure as I am. The right person, who relishes the thrill of challenges and laughs in the face of adversity. The right person, who hungers to taste the unknown and longs for relief from the humdrum of monotony.

And would you dear reader, happen to be the Right Person