Tuesday, August 6, 2013


The other day, I went to buy lunch at a coffeeshop nearby. I knew what I was going to have. I'd tried all the stalls there, and the only one I liked was the mixed rice. So I had my mind set on that.

Turns out, the mixed rice stall was closed that particular day. I was rather disappointed because I didn't really like the food at all the other stalls.

Since I was already there I just made do and ordered some soup dish.  I'd tried it before and knew it wasn't all that great, but it was all I could settle for anyway.

Staring at the soup swirling in my bowl, I was asking myself - why did I take it if I knew it wouldn't measure up to what I was looking for anyway?

Like I already knew, it was blah. And I was pretty dissatisfied with my meal.

Then I came back and typed out this cryptically overanalyzed post. Just to remind myself that it's better to hold out for what I want, than to just 'settle' for options which don't measure up to what I have in mind purely because they are available.

And now. Chicken porridge for dinner.


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