Monday, August 19, 2013


So I did Viper. Honestly I didn't find it as dreadful as I'd imagined, it was more fun than torturous! 

The only real obstacle to me was running it without my left shoe.


I knew there was going to be a lot of mud, water, and rocky terrain. Since I didn't want to spoil my Asics, I put on this ancient pair of shoes which have been sitting for goodness knows how long in the store room.

I should've been smarter than that. Shortly after we started, I realized that the sides of my shoes were digging into my feet. Since I couldn't do anything about it anyway I kept going, but it grew increasingly painful as we pressed on.

As a result, I now have these huge open sores on both feet. They do hurt a fair bit, but what sucks more is that this will require me taking more time off from training. No idea how long these beauties will take to heal. Hopefully they'll be better in a fortnight, tops.

The soles of my left shoe ripped off at the 6km point. With 14km more to go. all I had between the bare skin of my left foot was my sock and a layer of nylon material on the bottom of the shoe.

I did it with a team of more than 20people, so we buddied up in pairs to complete the race. My buddy Ian was asking me if the pain was too much, and my response was 

" I will only accept two outcomes : 1) Finish this or 2) Kill myself and I can tell you that I am not too keen on the second outcome." Hah!

Ian and I were the second pair to finish in our team.

Next up : Reebok ONE Challenge!


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