Thursday, July 11, 2013


I haven't worked out for so long it's ridiculous. Ever since the haze came on (about mid-June, it's now nearly the middle of July), training has taken a backseat. At first I was restless and grouchy about not being able to train. However I gradually let other stuff consume my time and didn't even realize how much was slipping away.

Before this, a routine week would see me training 4-5days and 18-23km each time. In stark comparison, the past month has seen my bottom firmly glued down to the seat. 

I mentioned briefly in my past post that I would be registering for the Viper Challenge.

Well, here's the deed signed and stamped. It's scary to think how I only have a month from now to whip myself back into shape to take on this gruelling event.

   What is the Viper Challenge?

It's a rough-and-tough it out event set over a course of 20km with 20 military style obstacles built for each kilometer of the route. Most western countries have similar races such as Tough Mudders, Spartan Race, and Superhero Scramble.

   Why/ How/ When did I sign up?

That's a good question. I suppose because one can only do so many marathons before wondering what else is there to test my limits against. 

You can sign up by downloading the forms at the Viper Challenge website and submitting it at any Rock Corner outlet. 

I will be doing this with a team (Honey Badgers) led by Felix Tay, fitness enthusiast and personal trainer at Celebrity Fitness. There is also the individual category if you want to go lone ranger at it. Take note that whether you participate as an individual or a team, there is no difference in registration fees.

Early bird prices were at RM99 and regular fees were RM130. Since I signed up late I had to pay the hefty amount of RM173, but for that I have only myself to blame.

   What are some examples of the obstacles there will be at the challenge?

Scouting around good ol' reliable Google, I came across some similar challenges from Tough Mudder Australia. Pictures taken from Liz over at

Just looking through the pictures gets me all sorts of excited and anxious and jittery! Gads.

   What to wear?

Since this is not a marathon (and also because there will apparently be a lot of mud), none of my bright, snazzy pieces that I usually wear for running will be worn. Instead I'll be wearing old knee length pants and one of my most ratty tank tops.

   What exactly do I hope to prove anyway?

That I can do this. 


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  1. just some advice: try not to wear any cotton-made tops or bottoms. those will get heavy (after full submersion in water & mud) and even worse, will probably start to chafe against your skin over the course of 20ks. Wear gear that will dry fast.

    cheers and have fun :)
    Fellow runner