Thursday, July 25, 2013


There is nothing wrong with wanting to attain a secure future. 

But if this is all you think about.

If riches and and materials are what you lust for and chase after.

If this is what you crave and hunger for above all else.

Then I'm afraid we have to part here as friends.

I cannot fathom making use of others to beget personal gains. I simply cannot justify doing so. You can say that this is a dog-eat-dog world and it's either eat or be eaten. It is also true that money can help my family and myself to live a more comfortable life. 

However I am unwilling to believe that drawing blood from others is something that is part and parcel of the climb to success. I'm sure there is a better way. Even if there isn't and I am wrong and foolishly naive to think so, I still stand my ground ; that it is better to be poor and at peace with myself, than rich and troubled at heart.

I hope that you find someone whose goals are aligned to yours. Someone who will support you and be just as equally driven as you are in searching this world for its pleasures. I'm sure she will love your drive and focus and commitment.

She cannot be me. 

Whoever she may be, I'm sure both of you will find great happiness and success with each other, and enjoy your life of material acquisition and wealth. 

I hope that you will find her, and I wish both of you well. Really and truly.


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