Friday, July 12, 2013


Sometime at the end of 2011, I started blogging about health / fitness / diet and all that shizz. However, things have been relatively quiet here over the past several months in this regard. 

I think that when I first got started, it was akin to opening up a Pandora's box of elements. Exciting, volatile, challenging, and intriguing all at once. For a while back then, everything was new, everything was interesting and refreshingly eye-opening that I just HAD to have an outlet (i.e. this blog) to express all that I was going through.

Back then, I was always conscious about this new 'healthy living' that I was cautiously exploring. The whole thing was a novelty, such a big deal to me and I was always fussing whether I was doing things right. For example,

How many calories was there in this?
How long had I spent working out?
How much was my intake for today?

The above queries were always scuttling about the inside of my mind.
Then I'm not quite sure what happened. Gradually they seemed to tame down, became less ruffled.

I think that it's just one of those things. Where you start off and are always anxious and are acutely aware of what you're doing. So much energy and effort spent into consciously taking every step towards keeping in line. Then somehow, over time it just becomes a habit, your mind goes on autopilot and you find you're doing it naturally without even thinking.

I'm not saying it's easy to go chalk up 20kms on the track, or be up planning and preparing my meals for the day at the crack of dawn when anyone in their right mind is still soundly asleep curled up in their warm comfy bed.

I may still blog about things in this cord when the inspiration strikes, but for now I've pretty much adapted it as part of a 'normal', routine life.

Which is good, because now that this is what 'normal' is to me,
All the more energy and effort to chase new goals!


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