Wednesday, July 17, 2013


" Don't eat in front of me, I'm fasting! "

" Wah so tempting your instagram food pictures. Don't post lah, orang tengah puasa ni! "


These are just two recent statements I found interesting.

I want to state that I have enormous respect for those who are observing the practice of fasting this holy month.

I'm glad you've decided to take upon yourself to be as dedicated and disciplined and determined. Inasmuch, something like an image on Facebook / Twitter / Instagram would hardly sway this steadfast commitment and ironclad will, would it?

On the same note, why should even the sight of another person consuming food and drink because he or she is not bound to your practice, leave you reeling with displeasure that they would have the audacity to do so in your presence? 

Frankly speaking, when such an incident occurs, shouldn't you feel all the more glad of the opportunity to exercise your strength and patience and endurance? Isn't it so that by facing these temptations and overcoming them, that you are able to reach higher virtue and reinforce your commitment?

Just as any reasonable person would not expect those around them to go on a diet because they have decided to partake it upon themselves, you would hardly that everyone around you to hold themselves to the same practice as your fasting, would you?

Well now. That's enough said. I feel that this is as far as I should carry my thoughts into cyberspace (where the  virtual watchdogs prowl and sniff) lest I find myself standing over an unpleasant cauldron of boiling reactions which may potentially overflow with nasty repercussions.

These are mere thoughts from someone who does not profess under the religion of Islam. Therefore I apologize if anything I have said is deemed discourteous or offensive to your respected religion, and I would be most appreciative if any wrongdoing would immediately be brought to attention.

Again, I assure you that I sincerely have nothing but pure admiration for those of you who are showing such commendable restraint and willpower. To muslims everywhere, 

Selamat berpuasa, and Salam Aidilfitri in advance.

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