Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Hello hello.

Flushed, sweaty, sticky, dusty from the track ; I couldn't be happier.

Someone asked me a few days ago " How do you do it? How do you tell yourself to run x number of kilometres, and find the willpower / time / energy to do so? WHY do you even willingly muster yourself to something so challenging and torturous? "

There is no one concise answer for him. 

I run for a multitude of reasons.


Because it makes me feel alive.

Because it gives me a purpose.

Because it exhilarates me.

Because it inspires me to be better.

Because it makes me feel powerful.

Because it lifts me up to rise above my fears.

Because it gives me strength.

Because it challenges me.

Because it makes me appreciate what I have been blessed with.

Because it gives me faith in myself and what I am capable of. 

Because it helps me conquer my demons.

Because it gives me encouragement.

Because it gives me discipline.

Because it humbles me.

Because it fills me a satisfying sense of accomplishment.

Because it reminds me that there is much good in other people.

Because it gives me health.

Because it brings me joy.

Because it gives me contentment.

Because it gives me peace.

Because it frees me from my troubles.

Because it elevates me to euphoria.

Because it helps me dream big.

Because it helps me achieve those dreams.

Because it brings me closer to God.

Because it brings me closer to people.

Because it gives me passion.

Because it opens my eyes to the beauty around me.

With every run, I walk away a better person. A stronger person. A more humble person.

With every run, I fall in love again. 


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