Friday, June 28, 2013


Random thoughts on a lazy Saturday afternoon, point-form style.

 -  A vicious bout of flu knocked me out at 7pm yesterday and I woke up at 9am today. 

 -  I've purchased six pieces of apparel from online blogshops this morning.

 -  It is now 12pm, I've eaten two enormous breakfasts and I'm as stuffed as a barrel.

 -  If I keep chowing down food at this rate, none of my purchases are going to fit me when they arrive.

 -  Due to the terrible haze which recently swept across the country, I have not gone for a run since last Wednesday (i.e. 10 days ago.)

 - The Standard Chartered KL Marathon which was initially scheduled for tomorrow has been postponed to the 29th of September.

 -  The combination of no exercise + boredom eating + staying indoors has got me feeling really lousy.

 -  Thank goodness the haze seems to have cleared, hence I'll be able to resume my usual running routine.

 -  Heading out soon for a round of captainball with my lovely teammates and I'm looking forward to it!

Allow me to repeat : my 'lovely' teammates. ;)

 -  As much as I'm dedicated to running, it can get a tad lonely and monotonous once in a while ; at times I miss the camaraderie and team spirit of playing with friends.

 -  Last but not least, I'll be signing up for the Viper Challenge on the 17th of August. What is the Viper Challenge? Just a series of obstacles set up over a distance of 20km. Pshaww, merely a trifle, merely a trifle.


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