Saturday, May 4, 2013


Let me start off with a self-indulgent photo of yesterday's outfit.

I love dressing up ; however most of my days are filled with work and marathon training hence I don't get to put on nice clothes as often as I'd like.

Earrings from a random shop in pyramid, necklace made in some tribal village bought for me by my dad who is extremely enthusiastic about supporting the indigenous peoples.


It is the norm for the ICF members to hang out and chill somewhere after our weekly Friday meetings. Yesterday, we decided to head to Crayon Burger.

Joining the steadily growing number of burger joints in the ss15 area catering to the ever ravenous college students, there is no shortage of contenders (Burger Kaw Kaw, Burgertory, and just recently, BurgerHug.) Crayon Burger will definitely have to put in substantial effort in order to reel in the crowd and best their opponents.

Entering the place, one can't help but notice the lovingly hand-drawn artwork splashed on their walls. One of the founders and former architecture student, Christian Teo has a spirited enthusiasm for drawing. Initially these quirky pieces only existed within the pages in his sketchbook. However with friends gladly helping out, these fun and zany  images were able to come to life on the walls of his restaurant.

Patrons are able to make their desicion on what to order based on this menu which stands beside the counter.

 CrayonBurger offers buns which have their colours derived from the ingredients within.
The various types of buns available ; milk bun, red yeast bun, vege bun, and charcoal bun.


Nate's a happy boy with his burger!

The Zombie burger. 

By the way things are looking, CrayonBurger certainly looks like its doing well. It was only 5pm when we were there which means the dinner crowd had yet to come out in full force, but business was already booming with hardly any spare seats to accommodate the steady influx of customers.


Ending this post with a very random picture of a cat that we saw snoozing as we walked back to college.


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