Saturday, April 20, 2013


i was reading through my last year's posts and realized that i never got round to finishing off my posts on the ipoh + penang roadtrip.


shall we pick up where we left off?


alright, so another one of the places we ventured to while in penang was Straits Quay mall.

a lovely place with its own docking bay for small vessels. we sat in starbucks and chilled while playing games on the ipad and sipping our drinks until night fell.

since this was the end of november last year, the christmas deco was already in place.
yes i know, i'm such a procrastinator.

we left the mall and had dinner at James Foo, which was just all right in my book. apparently they used to be really good years ago before they expanded.


we then headed to China House. 

it's not literally a china house, that's just the name it goes by. a charming place which is a mishmash of a coffeehouse and art gallery.

the cakes and pastries. they're quite good, but are rather pricey. 

various works of art are displayed mostly upstairs, although there are a few paintings hanging on the walls of the coffeehouse downstairs.

a few random pieces among the collection.

the skateboarding joker.

caricatures which certain political figures may or may not find amusing.


an unusual piece of work.

that's all for now!

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