Monday, April 15, 2013


the moment i stepped off the plane, humidity and heat rushed in, enveloping me in a shimmering cloak of sweat within mere minutes. 

i collected my baggage, cleared customs, and entered the chaos of the international arrival hall. the next thing i needed to do was to board the bus so i headed outside, dodging the eager crowd awaiting their loved ones, the swift moving baggage trolleys, and the surly touts offering overpriced taxi rides. finally i found myself outside the airport, on the bustling sidewalk.


at the bus terminal, a guy my age was already on the platform shuffling his feet as he waited.

i sat down next to him. not that i had any alternate options ; it was the only seat available. wondering what time the bus would appear, i scanned the watch on my wrist only to realize that it was still ticking to a different timezone.

i turned to him and asked politely what time it was, and whether he knew the when the bus was due. his  extensive response, worded in amazingly polished english caused me to raise my eyebrows (because we all agree that immaculate grammar is way sexayy) and start to discreetly pay more attention towards my company.

his name was john. a toned physique meant that he'd spent some time working out, his fair skin suggested that he did so in a gym. his structured manner of speech and crisp eloquence gave off an air of adept confidence.

hesitant silence fell between the both of us. a bead of sweat trickled down my brow, making me twitch in annoyance. was it just me having a hard time adjusting back to the tropical weather after spending so much time in a cooler climate, or was the weather truly blisteringly hot?

without thinking much, i spontaneously piped up once more
"hey, is it just me or is it really hot around here?"

i realized my folly as soon as the words left my lips and clamped my mouth shut, furiously rebuffing myself for putting my foot into my mouth. oh girl, how could you have been so silly?

the words still echo through my mind

"is it just me, or is it really hot around here?"

great. just great.

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