Wednesday, April 24, 2013


i found this in an ancient folder, lying amongst virtual dust and completely forgotten. i opened it and wondered why i'd never published it anywhere.

this was about the first guy i was cautiously interested in, 
3 years after getting my heart broken. for better (or for worse) nothing ever came through, and we're still on friendly terms today. 

i never write like this any more.

i guess its because i never feel like this, any more.

the first time i saw you,
my gaze passed right through.
a normal guy, so ordinary,
but soon it became a different story.

week after week, we spent together
talked and laughed, through days i'll remember
i started seeing beyond that first day
the person whom beneath the normalcy lay.

feelings started to rise and bloom, 
hope came afresh, after years of gloom.
but still, i held back, insecure.
but still, i held back, so unsure.

as more of you i began to know,
slowly, surely, my feelings started to grow.
but vines of doubt entangled me
was this real, or pure folly?

our time was up, we parted ways,
would what i had, soon decay?
we met again, and then i knew,
what i had for you, was indeed true.

still, dare i hope? might there be?
could there be more, for you and me?


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