Sunday, March 17, 2013


hello there.

sorry for the infrequent updates of late! been way busy with work, running, Inti CF, youth, the list goes on. 

anyway, here are a few recent pictures to give you a glimpse into what i've been up to.


basketball session with ICF peeps

a few of them came up with the idea of playing sports as a way of us interacting more outside of CF. if you ask me, it was a great idea! that i get to spend more time with these people (who have become oh-so-very-important to me) and at the same time get to play sports. :)

whole coffee beans from starbucks

given to me by a friend who works there. these are whole beans, which means i have to grind them up and brew them myself. they make good coffee. :)


checked out a newly opened burger joint in the ss15 area. i didn't eat because honestly, their burgers didn't look very appealing and i didn't want to mindlessly rack up calories of something i didn't think i'd enjoy.

the menu at burgertory

as you can see, it's pretty pricey.

pak, myself, david.

a high school tuitionmate of mine, sammy was there too. i never talked much to her back then because we always sat with our own groups of friends, but i'm glad we got to know each other better. the company that was there on that day was wonderful, and we ended the night on a good note with a movie sesh at sammy's house. 

one of their burgers

honestly, i wasn't impressed at all. but don't take my opinion for it ; according to the others who actually ordered, the food was nothing to shout about.

some more pics of the place


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