Saturday, March 23, 2013


hello hello :)
how's everyone? i'm so busy i barely have enough time to even catch my breath! 
nevertheless, crazily hectic as my life may be right now, i'm loving every moment.

i graduated from my diploma with a finishing gpa of 3.55 and a cgpa of 3.46. however, there is more to life than studies, getting a job, making money, and having a lot of things, so right now i'm taking some time off to work and travel before continuing with my degree.

taking a gap year is really something i'd highly recommend for anyone. it takes your mind off of studies, books, and cramming, it refreshes your being, opens your mind and soul to the world, to life.

as i've mentioned a number of times already, right now i'm working as an assistant teacher at a preschool. working with children, challenging as it may be, is something that is immensely rewarding and eye-opening.

although the pay isn't much, the main reason i took it is because of the short hours - plus the fact that it gives me something to occupy my time with and provides with a bit of pocket money. 

before going out for a run.

my love affair with running is still going strong although i blog less about it nowadays. it is my anchor, my rock, my link to sanity. it is where i push myself and break my limits, so that i am able to go farther on my next run.

enjoying this view after a long run.

running makes me feel so alive and hyper aware of my surroundings - the warmth of the air, the smell of the grass and track, the vibrance of the sun's rays. i appreciate things more and feel so much more grateful for this life and the body that i have been blessed with.

another time when the track was soaked through with rain. coupled with the coolness of the night, it made for  a very pleasurable run indeed.

our second ICF sports session!

sports & CF, the two things i love combined into one ; i really hope these sessions become a regular thing.

it started raining so we moved to the basement and continued playing.

finally, i've found the PERFECT yellow dress!

i remember when i was in australia 3 years ago and was searching for a yellow dress but couldn't find any that i liked. 3 years on, and my search has come to a happy end. :)


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