Friday, March 8, 2013


skipped my run yesterday to attend the BIG campus party by acts church. i had no idea what to expect (coupled with the fact that i was feeling slightly miffed at missing out on a run) so i was pretty apprehensive about it at first, but it was really good. just this once, i have to say that i don't regret skipping my workout!

note : i do not say this easily, not when it comes to running.


nick, david, janice, carisa and i went for supper at McD's after that and i made bet with nick about the price of a beefburger. the loser had to go up to a random person and pay them a compliment. i wagered that it was Rm3, and lost (it was Rm3.30. mmph, it was close.)

we were at McD's for about 3hours, and for the whole of that duration all the guys in there were either 
a) with their girlfriends
b) with their families 

i didn't want to go up to any of the above. all too soon, it was time to leave. as we were walking out the door (with nick complaining that i hadn't followed through on losing the bet) this bunch of guys about our age was coming in, and i saw the opportunity to fulfill my obligation. one of them was already brushing past me, looking straight ahead as he walked in. quickly, i lightly touched his shoulder to get his attention, looked him straight in the eye and said

" hey, you look really good today. "

it was pretty funny cos he got this seriously confused / disbelieving expression on his face and went " uhh... what..?? " i repeated what i'd said (at the same time trying to keep a straight face and fighting the urge to giggle) this time, the beginnings of a smile crept upon his face ; we left him smiling from ear to ear as our group walked off into the night.

it felt nice to light up someone's face with a smile, even though we were just strangers briefly crossing paths.

maybe losing the bet turned out to be the better end of the deal after all. :)

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