Thursday, February 14, 2013


Today is valentines day.

I mulled over fun ideas for a date. Although I have no one to do them with, just envisioning these perfect scenarios in my head makes me happy. 

We would watch a play at a theatre, then after the final curtain had fallen and the last round of applause had died, we would go for a walk in a park before going to McD's to get an icecream sundae each, oblivious to the patrons staring at us - me in my dress and heels and him all suited up. 


We could go to a funfair, visit the house of mirrors, go on the ferris wheel, and typical other funfair things. Then we'd play games and he'd win me a really big soft toy like how the guy always does in the movies (so cheesy, I know.) Then we'd head to a classic diner with neon lights, bar stools, table booths and a jukebox (far out, I know) and drink our ice cream floats through twisty straws, eat curly fries, coney dogs and share a waffle.


We would work out in the morning, have a nice long shower, go trawling the aisles of a grocery store, then spend the afternoon in the kitchen cooking. It would probably go atrociously wrong with us mistaking the salt for sugar or burning the food. We'd laugh ourselves silly and order a takeout. We'd put on a classic movie like "Monsters Inc", "Shrek", or "Toy Story", and laugh some more. 

Then we'd go for a walk in a nice park.

I'd say I was cold (just to see if he would be a gentleman and offer me his jacket)

He would be a gentleman and offer me his jacket.

We'd play on the swings.

Lie down on the grass and stare at the stars.

Words would tumble carelessly and we would banter endlessly about nothing yet everything.

And it would all be so beautiful.


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