Monday, February 25, 2013


it was a couple of days ago at the preschool where i work. some of the kids go back later, sp they stay back and eat lunch then do their homework.

the kids came to the table, and us teachers settled down to eat lunch with them as well. the usual chitchat commenced, us conversing about the weather, our families, and other typical topics.

as one of the teachers was munching her food, she remarked on how much weight she'd put on recently. then she commented jokingly,

" gee, i've gotten so fat! i wouldn't be surprised if my husband didn't want me any more! "

a few teachers chuckled, and the kids laughed as well.

i didn't say anything, but i didn't feel it appropriate that such a statement be made. i know she didn't mean any harm and was saying it lightly. however i was highly aware of the fact that there were young, impressionable children at the table, picking up every word. 

we always think and impress upon children how their elders are much wiser and hence they should listen to what we say. well, most of the time it's true. this time however, the adults were already (albeit unconsciously) telling these kids -

" the skinnier you are, the more love you get. "
" no one wants a large girl. "


it's pretty sad that people think that way. so many people are dissatisfied and have less-than-substantial self worth. i admit that even for myself, it's hard to escape the negative influence that the media has over my image of my self-worth. i don't deny that there are ghouls in my mind whispering negative things and trying to bring me down all the time. therefore i think it's imperative that everybody (males and females alike) tell themselves this everyday ;

i'm beautiful,
i'm worthy to be loved,
i will do all i can to honour myself and my body by treating it with respect and love by giving it exercise and healthy food and rest.


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