Saturday, February 16, 2013


hello everyone! how's CNY going so far?

dress - thrifted
necklace - summit
belt - summit
shoes - mum's

taken on the eve of CNY.
mum told me " don't wear blue during CNY, if you do so it means you are a stingy person. "

dress - online
bag -
shoes - bata

last sunday's outfit to church (which was so empty as most people had already left for their hometown.) after the service, we too hit the road. we usually travel to penang on the first day of CNY to visit my dad's side of the family. 

i recall a year when everyone too had the seemingly brilliant idea of travelling back on the first day as well. that year's journey was HORRIBLE with a capital H. took us 13hours of travelling to get there! thank goodness for good weather and clear roads this year ; we reached penang in about four hours time.


here are some pictures taken over the duration of my CNY so far.

usb of a 'loong' (dragon)

kulim, kedah.
beautiful sunset by the paddyfields.

the river / irrigation canal.

bro and i. he really can be quite cute sometimes.

lanterns lining the streets of raja uda. i think they sort of look like floating, glowing, jellyfish.

CNY day 2
before going for brunch with my family

dress - kitschen



a japanese teahouse made of cardboard.

alright, that's all for now. will be back with more CNY stuff soon!


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