Friday, February 8, 2013


in yesterday's The Star newspaper dated 8/02/2013, i came across this amusing quote

" today, losing your phone is a bigger deal than losing your virginity. "


yesterday i was getting ready to go shopping with my sister, when a call from an unknown number flashed on my screen. upon answering, it was my sister who told me that her phone had just been stolen. undeterred, we made up our minds to still proceed with our shopping plan.

hours later after plenty of shopping, we were ready to make a move. i reached into my bag to get my phone to call our parents. as i was digging around in my bag, i was talking and laughing and being very distracted by all the other shoppers and hive of activity happening in the mall. 

meanwhile, i was still groping around and my fingers had yet to locate the phone. it must've sunk really deep into the vast cavern that is a girl's handbag. 

for a moment, the thought briefly ran through my mind "wouldn't it be hilarious though, my sister and i losing our phones barely hours apart on the same day?" haha brain. very funny. i considered the chances of that happening, then.. wait, why am i even considering the possibility of it happening? not like it actually would, right? 

sobering up, i sat down, put my shopping bags on the ground and my handbag on my lap. i started digging around in earnest, getting more and more frantic. every single compartment, every single nook and cranny. nope.

i ran up to the very first people i saw and asked if they could help to call my phone, whether by any wonderful chance it would start ringing in one of my bags and i would be joyously relieved, think "oh silly me, getting all worked up over nothing!" and continue on with my life.

both of them willingly obliged to help me. i put the phone to my ear only to hear.. a dead dial tone. 

which meant someone must've stolen my phone when i was shopping. drat. the same phrase replayed in my mind. only this time, it was for real.

"wouldn't it be hilarious, my sister and i losing our phones barely hours apart on the same day?"

i suppose it was. in a ridiculously tragic way.

life has such an sadistic sense of humour.

as my dad so aptly coined it, " i don't know whether to get angry or laugh at the both of you sillies. "


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