Saturday, February 2, 2013


yesterday a few of us drove up to lenggeng to check out a campsite called 'the farm'. digressing a bit, why would anyone want to call a place 'the farm'? sounds totally uncool heh. okay just my two cents. ;)

some pics of the place.

it was scorching hot on that day! the sun's rays were blazingly strong and bright. on the upside though, i suppose it made for really vibrant and vivid photos.


there were a few ponds on the campsite too.

weiwei, winnie, and david.

no filter / editing at all, yet the colours came out so rich and vibrant.

up on the balcony of one of the two houses available for campers.

not ready!

okay much better. :)

they have a stargazing and campfire site too.

natthan looking so happy on the swing.

myself trying to act all nonchalant and unaware.

with weiwei on the swing. wow you can really see the contrast between both of our skintones, i look so tanned next to her!


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