Wednesday, February 6, 2013


so, here are some things i'm doing soon that i'm pretty psyched about
- a month in aussie
- climbing mt. kinabalu
- singapore trip


make no assumptions though ; i'm not from a rich family. the only reason i can afford to do these things, is because i work diligently and save in earnest to fund my expenses.

in knowing i was doing so in order to support my travelling expenses, someone told me that instead of putting their effort into working to get the money to go travelling and have nice little luxuries in life, they would much rather just stay at home, do nothing, and live a low-key, simple life.

hey, nothing wrong with that. after all, happiness is relative and to each his own.

but just my two cents on this matter.

knowing myself, i would not be content to just have a routine job with mediocre income, to merely have an equally unimpressive life. i wouldn't be happy to just 'get by' in life.

of course, a job means a certain level of discipline and work. no sleeping in, showing commitment, willingness to put in effort. but having a job isn't all bad. it occupies my time and gives me something productive to do. it also helps that i find my job pretty interesting. (will talk more about my job, but that's for another time.) plus, it brings in a small allowance without depending on my parents and allows me to enjoy the wonders of travelling, of exploring what our world has to offer.

live a simple, idle, life?

i would rather exert myself to work hard and play hard, than living a life that requires no effort and offers no rewards.


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