Wednesday, January 30, 2013


overheard a conversation between two girls talking about people who can't afford branded goods, buying instead the 'inspired' / 'cheap' / 'imitation' version. apparently it's atrocious that to even DARE carrying around such items and people who do so are apparently pathetic (aka me.)

i felt so indignant i seriously thought i was going to burst.

here is me. with a 'inspired' / 'cheap' / 'imitation' longchamp.

the average price of an original longchamp would be anywhere between rm200-300. i'm glad that i paid a measly price of rm25 for mine.

don't i look like, the most pathetic bimbo ever? * sarcastic *

i don't buy luxury branded items cos although the design of a particular bag which is in trend at the moment may be nice, i don't think it's worth it to pay that much and furthermore i don't feel its justified throwing away so much money on something which will be out of fashion by next season. 

i couldn't care less if it was fake, or if it isn't some authentic calfskin leather that is handsewn intricately handcrafted bejewelled yada yada. if that makes me 'pathetic' by any account, then so be it.


i got a part time job at a preschool as an assistant teacher. one particularly good thing about this sort of job is the working hours are from 8am til about 1.30pm-ish, which leaves the rest of the day free for yourself. while the pay at this preschool in no way compares to what i was previously earning when i worked part time with a private international school, what matters more is keeping myself purposefully occupied during these seven months.

the other day i got told by 5year old kid to "go away and stop bothering me."



my altered sleeping patterns caused by the new job, plus the crazy erraticness of the weather is throwing my training schedule under a heckuva curveball. no matter, once i've adapted i'll be fine. 

the last time i ran was on monday, so i plan to wake up before 5am tomorrow and get a run in before going to work. 

will it totally zombify me for the rest of the day? 

is it impossible? 


regarding the topic at the beginning of this post, out of curiosity i googled 'expensive handbags' and came up with these interesting results

1. A Thousand and One Nights Diamond Purse by Mouawad 
    $3.8 (RM11.4)

The House of Mouawad in Dubai rolled out the most expensive purse ever made that costs cool $3.8 million. The bag is adorned with 4,356 colorless diamonds, 105 yellow diamonds and 56 pink ones and hence it is covered with total of 4,500 diamonds. The total weight of the diamonds is 381 karats and it set record at Guinness World of Records for being the world’s most expensive handbag. The heart-shaped purse, handcrafted from 18kt gold, has a gold chain that can be used as a cling. The bag was crafted by 10 dedicated craftsmen who endlessly worked on this wonder for four months.

2. Crocodile Skin Hermes Birkin
    $203, 150 

A shining red Herm├Ęs exceptional collection rouge H Porosus Crocodile 30 cm Birkin bag with solid 18K white gold & diamond hardware fetched handsome $203,150 at Heritage Auctions’ sale in Dallas, Texas. Bought by an anonymous collector, the bag is regarded to be an extraordinary example of one of the world’s most exceptional handbags.

3. Urban Satchel by Louis Vuitton
    $150, 000

This unique bag is created by the famous Italian fashion brand Louis Vuitton and is made of all the junk items. Now, you would wonder if it is a junk, why is the bag in the list of most expensive handbags? Well, the bag costs $150,000. The bag is combination of waste water bottles, candy wrappers, cigarette packets, tea bags, band aid and many other waste materials. Only 12 pieces were made by the brand and was booked much before it was released.

of all three bags, this takes the cake. it's made out of JUNK for goodness sake, i can't believe that there would be people wanting to buy this bag even if it were priced at like rm10.


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